We invest with the conviction of your first believer.

I believe there are two types of investors - engineers and financiers - the difference being the investors' focus on building value or extracting value. I’ve been an engineer my entire life.

I believe that innovation happens everywhere, and being early in large emerging markets (geographic & sector) is a winning formula. Founders must have global perspective beyond their local ecosystem and recognize that investors, customers, partners and talent will require them to get on a plane.

I invest early and go deep working to add value to companies. My operational expertise combined with board of directors role with high growth companies helps me deliver value to founders.

I invest in founders who are experienced in the industry they are disrupting and driven to solve the problems they have experienced themselves. I invest in companies that are going after huge markets that are poised for catalytic change. I invest m̶y̶ our own money with Anne Driscoll as angels, and I don't shy away from investing based on an emotional connection and gut feel as a first check investor and first believer.

I'm fortunate to have a pretty good track record: 4 exits, 1 🦄, and more on their way. I'm happy investing as an angel, and don't want to be a money manager so we aren't raising a VC fund, but if you're interested in participating in our dealflow, you can join my syndicate on AngelList.

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Our Portfolio

We invest at the earliest stage in world-changing companies

Let's Connect

I respond to as many emails as possible, but cold pitches are tough. Go ahead and @ me on Twitter, but you'll probably get lost in my DM's on LinkedIn.

I'd love to meet in person at Launch Pad when I'm in town, or if you come visit Healdsburg, let's have a glass of 🍷.

I'm starting a new project called #pitchChris that will be the best way to get in touch with me online.

[email protected]

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